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Craftsmanship and artistry are hallmarks of Toned Homes. We install innovative windows and doors with a wide array of options. But don’t let the standard options limit your imagination!

At Toned Homes, we love a good challenge. We welcome projects that require special wood species, custom divided light patterns, unique shapes, custom finish colors, unusual mulling configurations – you dream it, we’ll bring it to life. We can even help inspire and develop your designs. Whatever the opening, we will help you fill it with style.

The sky’s the limit! Ask your Toned Homes representative, and see the difference quality makes in your one-of-a-kind project.

Home windows and doors do more than simply affect curb appeal and provide a view of the outside world. Did you know that the windows and doors in your San Antonio home can actually have a significant impact on your utility bills? Outdated, drafty windows and doors allow cold air to escape from your home during the summer months and do little to retain warm air during the winter. This can not only have a significant impact on your home’s indoor temperature, but it can also wreak havoc on your home’s HVAC unit. If your home has outdated windows and doors and you’ve noticed an increase in your monthly utility bills, turn to the experts at Toned Homes for new windows.

At Toned Homes, we’re committed to only utilizing home improvement products that are masterfully constructed and built to last. That’s exactly why we install home windows and doors from the leading window and door manufacturers.

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